For almost two decades, CertiFresh Cigar™ has offered the finest brand-name cigars that are delivered in a perfectly humidified custom package. Boveda's patented two-way humidity control device is the cornerstone of CertiFresh packaging –– this keeps our cigars at a precise 69% humidity that guarantees their freshness for one year without a humidor. CertiFresh packaging is individually customized for an impact like no other cigar sales program, and has revolutionized how premium cigars are distributed to and sold at nontraditional cigar retailers.

CertiFresh employs 28 of the finest professional golf representatives in the country. Working with a local representative gives CertiFresh customers the assurance that their cigar sales program is tailored specifically for them. Presently, over 3,000 of the most prestigious golf resorts, private and public golf courses, and casinos around the world trust the CertiFresh Cigar Team to provide perfectly humidified cigars in custom packaging.
A Fresh Take on Cigar Packaging CertiFresh Cigar™ was established in 1999, inspired by an appreciation for smart packaging & design, a love of golf, and a retail cigar store in Minneapolis, MN. We noticed that local golf pros would often contact the store looking for cigars to sell in their pro shops, and we listened to their frustrations about maintaining a humidor. They agonized that for every cigar sold, another one went bad… and they needed a better way.

That was when CertiFresh partnered with Boveda (formerly Humidipak). In October of '99 we moved into a space in Boveda's facility, and spent countless hours in the lab with Dr. Albert Saari, a formulations chemist formerly with General Mills. Our efforts soon paid off, and our CertiFresh Cigar packaging was ready for production. By doing away with the hassle of maintaining a humidor, CertiFresh forever changed the way cigars are sold.